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    • English only in the shoutbox.

    • No HWID Request on shoutbox.

    • No Support questions on the shoutbox.

    • No repeatedly asking for ETA. We don't give any ETA's to guarantee to our customers the best quality possible on our products. We will make announcement when everything is done.


    • Refrain from naming other cheat providers.

    • No spamming/post farming/double post (If you forgot to add something you can press the edit button).

    • No disrespecting other members.

    • German and English only, but if possible keep it english.

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    • Use a proper title for your thread, for example "help" is not a proper title.

    • Before creating a support related thread, use the search function to see if the solution to your issue is already available.

    • After creating a support related thread or posting your HWID for activation, be patient and dont contact us - it wont speed up the process.


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    • Please read the FAQ and the pinned Threads before making a thread about your problem.

    • Hijacking threads for support is not allowed, if your problem is the same and the previous fix didn't work please make a new thread.

    The Discord is NOT for support related questions!

    Failure to follow any of the rules above may result in a infraction, too many infractions result in a suspension and too many suspensions result in a permanent ban.