• This Thread Answers The Basic Questions

    That User Ask Before They Buy.

    Here are Some Common Questions:

    Q: Is legitsense VAC Safe?

    A: Yes

    Q: Can I refund my money, if I got Overwatch banned?

    A: No, Overwatch Ban's are on the user responsibility.

    Q: Will I get legitsense instantly after I buy it?

    A: Yes, but the Activation can take up to 24 hours.

    Q: Where do I buy legitsense?

    A: You can buy legitsense here.

    Q: Where do I download legitsense?

    A: After you bought legitsense you can download our client in the Customer Forums

    Q: Where do I request HWID Reset?

    A: You post a thread here.

    Q: Where do I suggest idea's for legitsense?

    A: You can make a thread in the Customer Forums.

    Q: Where do I get help?

    A: Make a thread here.

    Q: Can i pause my subscription?

    A: No, that is your responsibility (eg.moving into a new house, internet disconnection, getting overwatched, pc broken).