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    the normal one is rcs=1 , the intelligent one is rcs=2 afaik.

    the 150 slot version aka LeagueSense gives u the recoil control system, a triggerbot and the radarhack, so that s all up to u: if u already got some aim u can be better with aimbot, if u already good in spray control u can be better with rcs, if u already have good reaction time u can be better with triggerbot. These feats aren t super strong so that they won t look obv in overwatch, this means u still need to know crosshair placement and movements, otherwhise legit skilled players will outplay you. To answer ur example i would say "LEM beat GE".

    I really like this cheat so here I am making a review. I've been using it for about 2 months btw and i recommend it.

    Legit sense:

    [aimbot]: it works as intended. The thing is, u have to set it properly, so just take a look to the best configs in the forum section.

    [triggerbot]: ok it works but it s not that accurate. I mean sometimes it shoots but it miss the target. Anyway you can still use it for hardscope on fake peekers/shoulder peekers. In other case just use ur own reflex and aim.

    [esp]: all of the features work as intended, nothing to say here.

    [misc]: ok this is the most "bugged" section. For example: nightmode doesn t work at all, while skinchanger sometimes works and sometimes doesn t.


    [aimbot]: yeah it works BUT i wouldn t suggest to use it. Let it as "active=0" and use rcs=1 or 2 instead. The reason is that this aimbot has not a toggle-key as in legitsense, so it is Always ON. This can make u aim at an enemy when u aren t supposed to or when u are not expecting it. Basically ur crosshair will aim at the enemy but you won t react as a legit player would. This looks suspicious as hell in overwatch. Just use rcs for spray control.

    [triggerbot]: same as legitsense's triggerbot.

    [esp]: radarhack works easily, while the other 2 features:

    -box: it works ONLY IN FULL WINDOWSED MODE.

    -sound: it works only if u upload manually ur Realtek Audio Driver.

    Of course the most important thing about this cheat is its safety. Never been detected by vac waves and stuff, it looks very legit and it's perfect for closet/legit cheating. Keep in mind u have to be decent otherwise u won't be able to win against legit skilled players with this cheat (not a ragehack).